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Default Marine Rant

As a xenos player I am relatively used to disappointment, but ever more so I find myself not only fighting a outdated codex but games workshops utter disregard for anything thats not IoM and in particular Space Marines.

A space marine army can do almost everything my eldar army can, cheaper and with overall tougher troops who ignore or abuse to there favor most of the rules that put some risk into the game for others. ATSKNF and Drop Pod Assault being two of the main culprits there.

I am left in the position of either fielding some of the cheesiest lists possible for 6th edition, or accepting that I am taking a voluntary handicap for the sake of variety. It also helps little when games workshop seems to release as a addition to marines some new thing every few months in the form of a white dwarf update for a new vehicle or something, the last thing I've seen the xenos get in that format? The Nightspinner.

The game has sadly diverged from a human standard to the stats to a marine standard, and anything that doesn't measure up is simply sub par, but this is what happens when a game gets broken.
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