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Default Salthiusar (18): Turn 5, Spring of 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

28th of Breaking Cold, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

Irèsp watched the icicle outside his study’s window drip water. It had been a warm winter, for the most part, but the snow was insistent, falling towards the end of Thaw, and even into Breaking Cold. Typical. But there were more pressing matters.

For the first time in the nation’s history, the public had asked for an update on military affairs. He had to mastermind it, watching the report come together – Slaér helming the actual military parts, Calleis on the destructive spells which had recently come onto the curriculum in the Arcane University (which many may have need of learning in the future), and, of course, himself handling foreign affairs.

The past year has been an unsettled one. The Shadow, an army of undead raised by the Lich Deknar’Thuul, has been getting agitated, and many nations fear they will soon be overwhelmed. Border provinces to the east have reported many losses to the Shadow, and Megant, the nation far to the west, across the water, has been overrun. In an attempt to stop it, we have formed the Alliance of the West with many of the nations nearby, to repel any of the Shadow’s forces that come close. The same forces may, if it becomes that they can crush the hordes of the dead without significant numbers of casualties, may travel across the sea to counter the Shadow on foreign soil.

Of the other nations, we are on good terms with nearly all of them, and all of our neighbours. The nations of Ruobaly and Puplori have come under attack, the former by the religious Pure, and the latter by an alliance from two southern nations. Most nations are uneasy of the Pure’s intentions – I myself oppose their course of action entirely – as they appear to have attacked on purely religious grounds. The Puplori, however, have been extremely hostile to many nations, and I feel their suppression will pay dividends when and if the Shadow reaches nearby borders.

He was pleased with the report. The people had their rights to know, and he felt it was enough.


30th of Breaking Cold, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

The piles and piles of report scrolls were a tad unnerving. The report had been posted all around the city, but each institution was to receive several each for their researchers to borrow for reading at leisure. When the mage team assigned to send them off arrived, Irèsp’s relief was quite audible. When his study was clear, and he had thanked the mages, he got back to what he should have been doing: having a look at this blade.

It was a strange little object, sitting seemingly inert on his desk. However, he knew that to not be the case. For safekeeping, he kept it on a soft cloth, and donned his alchemical gloves to handle it. This blade had been used for the sacrifice of many a man by a cult that existed hundreds of years ago. This blade, however, was still as potent as the day it was enchanted – possibly even strengthening. This was strange, considering most weapon enchantment eventually wore off, by time, lack of magic, or overuse.

The blade itself was iron, dark and ornately detailed. In the blade’s many depressions ran streams of red magic, likely infused with some (or even made of) blood. When the merchant who he had obtained it off had found it, the man reportedly began to bleed from his palm into the blade when he held it, the blade drawing the blood into the crevices and making them stain red again. Of course, the man knew magi were interested in this kind of thing, and saw a profit to be made.

Irèsp walked over to the demon spider he had summoned in a cage, and ran the blade into it. The spider’s black blood was taken into the crags, blackening parts until it diffused about the streams, dying them a darker shade of red. The demon was soon banished, and likely very angry at Irèsp for that. As he placed the blade back on its cloth, the doors pushed open by magic and Calleis walked in. He hailed Irèsp:

“Ah, the blade! Dalàth keeps calling it the Blade of Mourgior, apparently one of his apprentices is studying magical artefacts and it’s quite well-known among collectors. Colour me surprised neither of us recognised it!”

“Strange,” Irèsp replied. “It definitely takes blood into the crags – demon blood included, as you can see from the ash pile in the cage. The enchantment’s not been weakened by it at all, either. It may have even been empowered by it.”

“Now that sounds like something we could use. To me, it sounds like the enchantment is fed by blood, and probably activates something catastrophic when it gets enough blood. Are we going to lock it away in the deepest hole we have, or should we continue tests?”

“Test it. If we can figure out how to make a self-sustaining enchantment, the Guardians will have quite the easier job defending us. We owe it to Slaér; he’s been going full-pelt for months now. Once the Shadow gets us, we might lose it all, but I’m confident we can shift it if we can just get everyone to stop fighting. Too much to lose by just locking it up. We can deal with almost anything insane it does with enough blood. Just don’t let anyone clumsy near it.”

“Oh, I would never dream of it!” Calleis accepted the blade, now wrapped in the cloth. “I might even head the research team… I haven’t done that for so long. Farewell!”

“And to the next.” Irèsp finished, as Calleis simply teleported off. He was quite annoyed that Calleis wouldn’t teach him how to teleport accurately without any nodes, but it wasn’t all that bad. The Guardians would be happy with this.
-The populace of Salthiusar are made aware of the threats about, and are prepared to fight should the need arise;

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