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Borski dropped onto the metal deck plates with a loud clang. He was now on the other side of the blast door and quickly swinging his bolt gun up to the ready position, aiming it and his lumen beams into the blackness. His heart was racing in his chest and his breathing had increased to match. He swung the gun left and right, up and down, half-expecting some hideously warped monster to come lunging at him from the dark. But none was forthcoming.

“What can you see, Borski?” It was Churian, the callous and compassionless officer.

The tech gathered himself before replying.

“It’s another corridor but it seems to open up a little way ahead. This should be the outer reactor chamber.”

“Good. Start scouting ahead; we’re coming over.”

Borski cursed under his breath – something about Churian being the illegitimate son of a whore – and began a very cautious walk down the passageway. After ten metres he could see the corridor opening up into a large chamber; the ceiling and opposite wall lost in the darkness. The sound of boots landing on the metal deck plates came from behind. Borski glanced over his shoulder and saw from the colour of the shoulder pauldrons that it was that bastard Churian. As he turned back to continue his slow advance, there was a sudden bloodcurdling scream.

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