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“Tell the King I am working on it. I have a prototype, I just need to make sure it’s safe.” Snorri Snorrisson told the King’s messenger, before using the steam lift he had invented years before to rise to the top of the cliff. It was noisy, and hot, but working quickly enough. Faster than walking, at any rate, the dwarf thought.

When he reached the fresh air, the Guild-Lord looked up and saw the latest prototype of his newest creation ... The Dirigible. It was based on a normal ship, painstakingly built atop the cliff, but had a large balloon atop of it and masts coming from both port and starboard sides of the hull, attached to protrusions coming from the top of the balloon via ropes as strong as steel - masts which went all the way through the balloon, kept gas-tight by some creation of Snorri’s.

There were a number of sailors aboard, all human apart from Captain Jugar, who was stood on the aft castle, hands on the basic wooden railing. His face showed disgust; the dirigible was little more than a shell, and it’s sheer baseness repelled him. Snorri smiled. ‘Ahh, dwarven expectations ...’ he thought.


The Guild-Lord raged silently as he descended to his bed. His calculations were off, and he felt he should have known ... Had to have known. Calming as he stalked the cool halls of the Guild Hall, he thought he would just have to work harder ... And it was probably a good thing that the prototype hadn’t had as much work put into it as Jugar would have liked. It would have been such a waste, seeing as it didn’t get higher than thirty feet and the hull cracked as it landed due to his mistakes.

Luckily, only minor injuries had been sustained. ‘And it will work next time,’ he thought sourly.


-Province 12 - Research Flight (Turn 2)
-Province 11 - Build Training Hall
-Province 7 - Build Training Hall

-100 Ironclads each (just built) move to Sea Province 70


Military Positioning:
Province 12 -
Conscripts - 100,000
23,000 Heavy Infantry
25,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
498 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 11 -
Conscripts - 100,000
25,000 Heavy Infantry
25,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
500 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 7 -
2 Magi
3000 Heavy Infantry

Naval Positioning:
77, 78, 87, 90, 91, 92 - 100 Ironclads each
76 - 300 Ironclads
86 - 100 Ironclads
79 - 200 Ships
70 - 100 Ironclads

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