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Originally Posted by Dorns Legacy View Post
Hope you get better soon dude and the termis are looking awesome, sigismund would be proud :D looking forward to seeing you refreshed and back at the painting desk, im only 2 weeks away form being home and able to paint again now cant wait :D think im gunna do some sort of homage to the IF as a tip of the hat :D to the batcave
Haha thanks mate! Unfortunately life got a bit busy but im getting back in the game. Going to order some stuff to start my heresy army...so expect a good about of updates!
and i'd love to see your homage mate

Originally Posted by Battman View Post
These models look great at one stage I was considering doing. At space wolf great company but lookin at ammount of work to make it look good (like this) and cost involved put me off it
It does seem a lot but its completely worth it! and i would love to see your great company! thanks for the compliment as well!

Originally Posted by Regnear67 View Post
man those are looking awesome i really love the weatherd look really nice job man
Thanks man its great to here from you! have you gotten back into painting yet?

small update:

For Dorn and all who follow him! The battle of Terra will never be forgotten!

Walls fail, fists do not!

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