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Spring 1244

The new season is often associated with life. But upon the plains and hills of Kolnur the new season brings only death.

The news of the fall of Puplori to the combined armies of Kogan-Sul and The Great Trade Republic spreads quickly to all the nations where it is met with mixed feelings. Some nations are glad of the news, for they too were insulted by the Puplori. And yet the more wary and suspicious rulers fear the damage the combined armies could inflict across the rest of Kolnur. Puplori was a powerful nation, in fact it took near a year to bring it to it's knees. Any alliance that could bring it down would only come out stronger from the ordeal, and more hungry for war. Where next would they look for it?

Across the land wars have largely ceased, although there is a great feeling of tension towards the Pure as The Republic of Esterwynne and Anicea both displaying open resentment to the nation's apparently unwarranted attack on the kingdom of Robualy. Each knows the other to be powerful in it's own right and so holds back from an open war, although one spark could set the entirety of Kolnur burning.

A alliance has been forged behind closed doors, an alliance known only as the Alliance of the West, powerful nations that have banded together to face a common enemy. The Shadow rests across the water for now, but no-one can tell when it will cross and strike against the surviving nations of Kolnur as it has in the East. The Alliance of the West plan to be ready to repel the Darkness when that day comes. Although many question if it will be enough to stop the army that destroyed Megant so quickly.

In the East the forces of Darkness that had been gathering just beyond the borders of the Eastern nations struck against the lands of Kolnur. Blood was spilled and lives were sold but the East held. It was at a great cost that the Shadow was knocked back and perhaps it will be enough to unite the surviving nations of Kolnur for although the Darkness was beaten it will come again, and when it does it will be stronger and know more of Kolnur's ways of war.
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The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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