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“Mass the armies! Empty the holds! Let the gears of industry sound our call to war!!! This is an insult we cannot abide, and nor shall we! ” The Lord, Master of the Light and Defender of The White Keep raged within his cavernous throne room, “We offered them peace! We offered them friendship and respect! And the spit on our gift and insult our honour!”
The priests in the room, all of the 9th enlightening or higher, cowered before the rage of their Lord and God.
“My Lord… May I offer an view upon this situation, from the view of a mortal my Lord?”
This comment came from Elhokar, another member of the Council of Twelve.
“Speak my son, and fear not my anger, for it is not directed at you”
“These men and mages of Esterwynne, they are a people weakened by the constant pressure of the shadow, and bitter at the loss of the lives of their people”
“This was the purpose of our offer of peace, to help those who have done much to thwart the shadow! But these fools are too stuck in grief to see the right of our offer!”
“As that may be my Lord, we cannot allow such people to provoke us to the point of making a move that may very well end with the loss of our people! Rather, we should help such allies in any way we can”
“Do you not remember the reason for our attack of the Robualy? They showed signs of the taint! We destroyed much, but still they remain, and the very people we intend to help are protecting the ones who well but a blade in their ribs! I will not be bullied into compromising the safety of our, and all Light loving people!”
“As you say my Lord, but can we not rather peruse our goals in a manner… Less provocative?”
“Careful Elhokar, I give you much freedom, but do not forget your place. We will push our industries in preparation for war, this is my final word, and my word is LAW!”
“Yes, my Lord”

Diplomatic Action
Military Action
Industrial Action
Construction of Training Hall in all provinces

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