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Hello, I consider myself a pretty poor painter (sort of a prime, base, wash and call it good type of guy ) but I am looking to improve. I don't really care about doing better than tabletop quality as far as painting my models right now (i expect that will come with time and practice), but I am really excited by they idea of basing and effects. I am about to start a Dark Eldar army and I was talking to a friend about color schemes when we stumbled across the idea of painting an army so that it looked like it was in the rain; basing it with water effects puddles and so forth. I have a general idea of how I will base them, but I have no idea how to get this effect onto the models, as I have never worked with water effects and I don't know how they would look in that application. I cannot find any tutorials or blogs that mention anything like this online. So, one ramble later, does anyone have any ideas of a good way to execute this? Does anyone think it would create a nice look? Thank you for any advice.
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