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Prince Farin was sat opposite his father in the King’s study, pondering the letter they had received from Salthiusar. The proposed alliance was strong ... Stronger than either wanted as an enemy.

“We shall join ... But I refuse to send our soldiers away, or let them have any influence within our borders. Beyond that, they shall have no influence over my lands. The lands we have successfully ruled for the last five millennia.” The King’s voice was grave. Farin looked up, face full of concern.

“Do not allow yourself to feel pressured into this.” He said, brow furrowing even further.

“I am not ... I am just old and tiring, my son. But regardless, I must serve Kerin-Curan as I have since my own father died, tired or not. Your brother shall be our emissary to Salthiusar. This is the end of the discussion.”


Guild-Master Snorri Snorrisson bristled with pride. His invention was complete, and he had finished the commission of an Arquebus for the king and each of his sons. Looking down the scope, the Engineer grinned, splitting his greying beard with a toothy grin.

“Send a runner to the King. It is finished.” His steward nodded and backed out of the door. The genius dwarf had not long ago had a flash of inspiration, and was already working on his next project. He sighed. The King would not be happy ... Initially. He shook his head; when Gandogar realised the implications he would be much happier.

“Son! Prepare the Hall. I’ll be needing space. Organise the Clan. We are to be focussed. I need to finish this quickly, or else the King may not give us his patronage. Hurry.”


-Province 12 - Research Flight
-Province 11 - Build 100 Ironclads (Turn 2)
-Province 7 -Train 1000 Heavy Infantry (Turn 2)

-Prince Lueran sent to Salthiusar to join ‘Alliance of the West’

Military Positioning:
Province 12 -
Conscripts - 100,000
23,000 Heavy Infantry
25,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
498 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 11 -
Conscripts - 100,000
25,000 Heavy Infantry
25,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
500 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 7 -
2 Magi
2000 Heavy Infantry

Naval Positioning:
77, 78, 87, 90, 91, 92 - 100 Ironclads each
76 - 300 Ironclads
86 - 100 Ironclads
79 - 200 Ships

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