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Default Salthiusar (18): Turn 4, Winter of 17th Era 64

1st of Sunken Sun, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1243)

The winter had not been quiet, as had been expected. The Founding Festival was still going strong, but was not this day’s focus: for it was New Year’s Day, when all would enjoy some time at leisure to feast with family and friends, invariably spending the whole time talking about current affairs and the latest books.

More importantly, a new breakthrough had been made. Despite the ability to hover, which they had possessed for several eras, none in Salthiusar could yet fly, because none could figure out the problem of mass – until now. One of Calleis’ old apprentices, now the leading professor of Vental Magic in the School of Wizardry, had figured out how to temporarily stop bones feeling the effects of downwards force. And now, flight was more than just a dream.

However, it was not all good news. War was coming, however it would: the east was soon to be battered by the Shadow, and Megant, the western country across the sea, had fallen to the Shadow. If it could cross the sea, there was nothing left that would stop its pincer movement, and the destruction of the civilised nations. Of course, none in Salthiusar cared at all for the heathens who were prone to unprovoked attack. Even fewer cared for the affairs of war at all.


3rd of Sunken Sun, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1243)

“Send the letters, Slaér.” Irèsp commanded. “I don’t want to fall to the Shadow, and neither do you. There is strength in numbers, you know that.”
“I never disagreed with you.” Slaér responded. “However, perhaps it would be better if we were to check if the Shadow can cross that great body of water.”

“Oh, it will, and you should worry. Dispatch the letters and a small team of Guardians to spy on the Shadow, but keep them away from the Shadow’s land. Make sure they return by next season. I don’t want to be responsible for their deaths.”

Nodding, Slaér set about his task, walking from the great citadel with haste. Within the hour, all had been sent, and training continued.


14th of Sunken Sun, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1243)

“This is spectacular!” Cried Calleis as he swept through the sky, flying above the city. Landing, he continued. “However did you find how to do this?”
“Well, I just really thought about it.” Replied Eutyl. “Instead of just generating upwards force, why not remove downwards force as well? We’ve known the rest, theoretically, for a long time.”

“We really must get this to Irèsp. I’m sure he’ll be eager to get this to the Guardians. I know I’m eager to get this taught to our mages! Anyway, this was no more than a flying visit, so I must disappear. Farewell!”

With that, Calleis twisted and warped to his study. It was an ornate place, with crystalline shelves supporting various alchemical, chemical, magical and interesting apparatus adorning them. They all looked as if they were the most expensive heirloom of a rich family, and he owned them all. His pet cat was sitting on the study’s windowsill, basking in the uncharacteristic sunlight of the day. Across the room, to the right of the double doors, his latest experiment was bubbling merrily: living water. His hypothesis was that, by dissolving stardust in water, it would be possible to hold enough magic in it to animate it, free from the support of a mage. It was ambitious, and had been troubling mages for thousands upon thousands of years.

Irèsp had already had the training application form delivered, much to Calleis’ delight. He quickly animated his quill, and had it scribble the necessary details in. Soon, it was ready to send. So he folded it magically and sent it through the window, destined for Irèsp’s study.


-Alliance proposition is sent to western nations (done by PM);
-Small team of Guardians is sent to spy on the Shadow’s troop movements in the southern of Megant’s old islands. They will reside offshore, cloaked and capable of fleeing. Kerin-Curan is requested to offer them the chance to travel back and forth between sea square 67 and province 8. They will send reports back monthly to Province 18 (Salthiusar);
-Air-Bending studied in the School of Magic, Province 18.

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