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Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar View Post
This list is an idea I had last night right before bed. Its Dark Angels Tri-Wing. I'm not including an FOC points list because I'm without a 'dex at the moment.

Librarian, Master Level 3 (input on powers would be appreciated)
Well you can only get as far as Mastery Level 2. I'd go with either dual Divination, or Divination/Telepathy depending on what roles he's required for.
Interrogator Chaplain, Plasma Pistol
I don't rate IntChaps in the new codex. There are so many better options - however if you do want one then a Mace of Redemption is absolutely necessary.
Command Squad, 5 Power Weapons, 4 Storm Shields, Banner (which one?)
Need a Rhino - also, for the banner I'd probably get the one with Counter-attack. The bolter buff one is too pricey, and FNP is a moot point really when you have an Apothecary (which you should have). The Chapter and Company Standards I don't really think are necessary.

Tactical Squad, ML w/ Flakk, Plasma Gun, Rhino
Tactical Squad, ML w/ Flakk, Plasma Gun, Rhino
Nice. I prefer meltaguns but that's just me.
Combat Squad, Melta Gun, Sgt w/PW, Melta Bombs, Rhino
Fair enough - makes sense with the above.
Scouts, ML w/ Flakk, 4 Sniper Rifles

Dreadnought, 2 Auto Cannons, Drop Pod
Doesn't want the pod with the Rifleman setup. Also, Venerable is a nice plus for WS5.

Deathwing, 5 TH&SS, Landraider Redeemer
Deathwing, 5 TH&SS, Landraider Redeemer
Ah - I don't use Deathwing like Assault Terminators are used in vanilla SM. You pay a premium price, not only for the terminators, but also for the TH/SS (they don't get it free). Thus instead I'd play to their strengths and set them up as a shooty unit. Then take one Deathwing Command Squad (scrap the normal one and give the IC terminator armour). Then they can have a Redeemer and it's all good.

Fast Attack
Ravenwing, 2 Melta Gun, Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta, Sgt w/ PW & MB
Ravenwing, 2 Melta Gun, Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta, Sgt w/ PW & MB
Nice. Nephilim's kinda pricey and works best in pairs, so I prefer Flakks for my AA deterrent. However, if you come up against Heldrakes a lot, then the Nephilim's a good shout. Sgts don't need Power Swords btw - they shouldn't be in combat.

Predator, HB Sponsons
Predator, HB Sponsons
Landspeeder Vengeance

Aegis Defense Line, Icarus Prefer a Quad Gun myself as Vendettae are more common than Heldrakes (at least for me).

That's it. Seems excessive and is probably way up there in points.

You're around the 3100 mark with your list. With my edits it stands at around 2800.
C&C are always welcome.
If you wanted to cut this down to a reasonable level (below 2k to avoid dual FOCs), I'd suggest dropping one HQ and the Ravenwing squadrons. Then the Vengeance is a maybe, and you wouldn't need the ADL.

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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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