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Winter 1243

As the cold tendrils of winter consume the land so too do the dark shadows of the Darkness draw ever nearer. Reports tell of great armies amassing from the shadows, waiting upon the border with the living, ready to wash over their lands like a wave, bringing death and destruction to all and showing no pity or mercy.

But the nations continue to war among themselves, slaying innocents in the name of a long forgotten crime. However there is hope. Grand markets are rising in the great cities of the land, eternal symbols of friendship and trust between nations. But even as the first caravans set off for distant lands the thing that many feared comes to pass.

The hopes of safety to the West was a lie. Reports come in the Megant, the powerful nation that sat on far western shores has fallen almost overnight. Now the Shadow rests not only to the East but also to the West. It seems there is no escape, there is only survival.

Maybe it is this new information, or the wars tearing apart the continent, but something has lit the fire and now ideas and creations are sweeping across the land. They say it is a new golden age of technology, but is it a golden age for a new Alliance?

New Traits

Tech traits

Pistols: The recent boom in the creation of Arquebuses has led to some of the greatest minds in all the nations seeking to improve their design. The pistol is smaller and more mobile, sacrificing power for a higher rate of fire.

Flight: People have always looked upon the birds with envy, desiring to fly as they do. This desire has fueled the ambitions of great inventors for thousands of years, even before the Shadow came across the land. And now the desire is almost within grasp.

Magic Traits (Elemental/Divine/Necromancy)

Enchantment: The Magi of the lands have learnt to call upon the spirits of magic itself, commanding them softly and pouring their power into the weapons and armor of their nation. This power grants greater strength and toughness, allowing the soldiers to fight harder and for longer.

Air-Bending: The magic of flight, of soaring like an eagle in the sky, has long been a dream of the Magi. And now, after hundreds of thousands of years, they have finally succeeded in possessing the magic to lift themselves and other objects into the sky.

New Buildings

Training Hall: This great imposing structure is a place of combat above all else. Here the veterans of long wars can pour their knowledge and experience into the fresh recruits, not only honing their skills but also preparing them for the horrors of the battlefield. (It only takes one turn to train Elite troops)
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The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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