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Had some free time today, so why not go ahead and start this thing off!

EDIT: Made a small edit, for some reason one of the sentences in my beginning paragraph got cut off. It's fixed now.


“I am bedazzled by your true nature, underneath the web of lies and deceit, who are you? What lies past the anguish and despair you show so subtly? I know it’s a tranquil heart.

The skies above the baleful wastes of Urejedia were a dab of crimson fused with the elegant, star littered blackness of night. The chill of the night bit at her through the body glove as she sped through the skies on her Reaver Jetbike. She was leagues above the surface, darting past great canyons and deep valleys of deep red soil that stretched on towards the horizon until the earth and sky touched and became one.

Myr’ai glanced down upon the Exodite planet, locating and noting each and every one of the hundred pockets of civilization scattered across precious Urejedia. Some were great cities, hubs established by the Craftworlds in pursuit of dream that one day the surface would be teeming with Eldar. The idea had attracted her kin from every corner of the galaxy, not to enslave the planet, but to join the bright future that had been constructed for it.

The engines of her anti-gravitation bike screamed throughout an otherwise silent night, howling to all of Urejedia’s moons like a wolf calling out to his pack. The rapidly moving clouds were so close, she was practically skimming them as she rode further into the distance with her companion.

Nelu’nas was proudly flying the skies by her side, leaving a trail of blue exhaust in his wake as his Craftworlder bike blazed through the wintery chill of the night to keep up with her. He swiftly passed her in a showy display of skill, looping around her once before shooting up into clouds themselves. He did not come back down.

A knowing smile crossed her lips, though invisible beneath her helm and she took up the challenge. Myr’ai accelerated her speed to the point that she considered break neck and steered the mighty jetbike upward into the clouds. A strange mist surrounded and blinded her and yet she seemed unfazed, parting the very fabric of skies themselves as she eventually sky-rocketed into the atmosphere above rain, thunder, and lightning.

For an incredibly brief moment, Nelu’nas appeared as if he was traveling toward anyone of the four discolored moons overlooking Urejedia. He arrived back closer towards the earth, finished making a trail that looked very similar to a rune known mainly as “Free Wind” with his exhaust. Myr’ai piloted her bike to veer sideways, coming in hard to make a rune of her own while Nelu’nas circled back around to meet her. She weaved her bike further up into the sky and back down again, sweeping from left to right, forging her own symbol in the night sky.

“To be free is an elegant sin?” Nelu’nas sounded confused as he came up beside her. The pair of jetbikes slowed until they were sitting in the midst of the air on anti-grav engines.

“Your kin only know the Path and all of its ways and we, we Dark Eldar are not free as well, so long as the great Tyrant remains to command us. So I thought it fitting.”

“Having trouble breathing yet?” Nelu’nas laughed beneath his helmet.

“Only a little, let’s head back down.” Myr’ai kicked her vehicle into gear and quickly began descending back down towards the surface. Nelu’nas followed in her wake.

The pair of Eldar swept down through the air, following an invisible trail leading back towards Eyesidia: one of the major colonies on the Exodite planet. They were soon weaving through tall sky scrapers with great domes at the very top of them. Some held massive palaces while others were simply great complexes or terra-formed bio-domes; they were only the very tip of the massive settlement that laid beneath.

Eyesidia was alight in a rainbow of magnificent colors and congested with a steady stream of air traffic. Normal Sky Runners skimmed through the air in between great columns of much larger vehicles intersecting at certain intervals above the city in multiple layers. All below the massive space faring vessels of the Craftworld armada ascending or descending to and from the city’s star ports, probably ferrying people from the dockyards above the Urejedia’s atmosphere.

Myr’ai and Nelu’nas passed a group of wild riders who dashed by at incredible speeds, another race above the empty alleys of the Eldar colony. They shared a laugh together as they came down to a landing pad and gently parked their bikes beside a group of empty Sky Runners.

“Home at last! I don’t think there’s an experience in the entire universe that could bring such joy as riding into clouds, never coming back down until you see fit. Until you wish to see things that have been in front of you all the time.” Nelu’nas ripped his helm off and dismounted, he seemed so untied to everything that made Craftworlders so stiff and unpleasant to be around in his bright red suit of mesh.

“Hmmm, are you talking about me?” Myr’ai lifted her helm off her head, letting long curly hair the color of blood spill across either of her shoulders. Her pallid skin around her face was marked with several tattoos that spoke of her allegiance to the Cult of Blinded Blades. Some of them spoke of her many kills and successful career in the arenas of Commorragh, it did not seem to bother her strange and cheery companion.

“And what if I was, hmmm?” The Shining Spear pilot slowly approached her, proving not so intimidated by her cruel eyes and scowl.

“Let us go out into the city tonight, I’m starving for a drink.” Her look of pure evil slowly melted away into a warm smile, she playfully punched the Aspect Warrior on the shoulder and began walking off toward the large apartment complex awaiting their return.

He lagged somewhat behind her, staring off into the endless civilization surrounding them.

“Yes, until you wish to see things that have been in front of you all the time.”

Word Count: 1,014 Words

“Evil is relative…You can’t hang a sign on it. You can’t touch it or taste it or cut it with a sword. Evil depends on where you are standing, pointing your indicting finger.”
-Glen Cook, The Black Company

Tales of Heroism and Bravery, in the 41st Millennium and the Old World. Perhaps some Realm Gate Wars in the future .

Gods' Hall (Completed)

The New Word (Completed)

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