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I played the above list against a CSM army pre-tournament and got absolutely ran by his two Heldrakes. They just flew around messing my face up. I'm going to have to start later in the in-store gaming to accommodate the time it will take for my ADL to return to me. With that addition, some things needed to change in the list. A very different and hopefully more effective list.

Reclusiarch - 130

Sanguinary Priest - Power Sword - 65

2x 5 man Assault Squads - Flamer, Sergeant w/Hand Flamer and Power Axe, each mounted in a Razorback w/TLHB - 150 (300)

10 man Tactical Squad - Lascannon, Plasma Gun - 190

5 man Assault Squad - Sergeant w/Power Sword - 115

Predator - Autocannon, Heavy Bolters - 100

Aegis Defense Line - Quad Gun - 100

Priest in one RB Assault squad, Reclusiarch in the other. The jump troops either ghost the razorbacks as a counter assault unit or kick it next to the Tactical squad manning the ADL. The predator kicks it back with the ADL/Tac squad combo. Got my rushing flame templates supported by FnP and Razorbacks with a solid back line of guns.


Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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