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Emperor Octavion sat behind his large desk in his office again reading more reports from around the Empire. It had been a quit season in the Empire and the reports were short and filled with mainly mundane items. The report that did catch his attention and brought a smile to his face was from his diplomatic corp reporting on the Guyer.

The report read,

"Your Highness,

It is with great pleasure and delight that I report to you that we have met an agreement with the Guyor people. They have agreed to join our Empire and and become Imperial Citizens. I will report fully on my return.

Your Faithful Servant.

Diplomatic Actions
Emissaries sent to; The Pure, The Great Trade Republic, and Kogan-sol offering trade agreements and preferential trade.

Other Actions
Territory 39-Train Magi
Territory 41- Research Steam Engine
Territory 42- Train Heavy Infantry
Territory 65- Train Heavy Infantry

(OOC) - sorry for the short and lame post. Really busy week and had to do it on my phone.

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