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Default Army of the Quarter - Q2 2013

APR 2013

It's time to reveal the Army of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2013!

First off, what does it take for an army to be awarded as the Army of the Month? This is NOT a painting award, nor is it a fluff reward. It is a consolidation of numerous requirements, spreading across all aspects of the hobby. How is the background of the army? Does the owner have posts establishing fluff or fiction for it? How do the models look? Are their battle reports for the army? As stated, this is a very wide reaching award, that requires the winner to excel in each of these categories.

Where do we look for the Army of the Quarter? While I know there are many users with many posts throughout the site, detailing fluff, battle reports, or project logs, the sole place that we as the moderator team will look is the Army Showcase. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Army Showcase, it is a place on Heresy for you to highlight your army, be it with videos, links to threads elsewhere on the site, or pictures of your beautifully painted models. As this month's winner illustrates, the Army Showcase in itself can consist almost entirely of links throughout the website. It's a resource that allows you to consolidate everything on your army in one place, so that other users are able to access all aspects of the army that you've spent months or years creating.


GrimzagGorwazza's WAAAAAAGGHH Grimzag is his Warhammer 40K Orks Army (... if you couldn't guess that by the army name, you need to find a new hobby!) The showcase entry itself is fantastically detailed, complete with great close up pictures of his many, many models and in-depth details of the army's facets, such as combat doctrine and organization. Each unit he's got a photo of in the entry has a brief description, helping bring the whole of the army together into a cohesive story.

A huge congratulations to GrimzagGorwazza for being awarded with Creed's Commendation in the second Army of the Quarter. Your detailed paintjobs, backstory, and dedication towards your army show in the Army Showcase entry, and we thank you for sharing the WAAAAAGH! with us. We have a quiz for the winners of the Army of the Quarter, please keep reading to learn more about Grim's WAAAAAAAAGGGHH!

Originally Posted by GrimzagGorwazza
In 100 words or less, describe your army:
Originally waaagh Grimzag started off as a simple speed freak army but over time the addition of units not normally common with the speed freaks has developed it into a multi tribe formation.
This army basically tells the story of Warboss Grimzag “Spleentear” Gorwazza, starting off as a small speed freak boss during the third war for Armageddon and becoming stronger as more tribes flocked to his banner. That’s what Waaagh Grimzag has become, a massive conglomerate (long words for an ork) of orkyness.

What made you decide to collect this army?
Initially I started the first ork army I collected, Da Blud Skidz again led by Grimzag, back in third edition when there was a dedicated speed freak list. They were my tournament army as opposed to my fluffy chaos marines.

When did you start collecting this army?
Some of the first models I got for this army were bought for the release of Gorkamorka, though I didn’t start running them as a 40k army until the Armageddon global event...that was late 2000, so twelve and a half years ago.

What made you pick the theme? (tombworld, chapter, kabal, etc)
I really liked the hit hard hit fast of the third edition orks speed freak tactics.

How many points of models do you have?
Painted, close to 6,000
Built, close to 1,000
Still awaiting conversion/kitbash about 5,000

What was the very first model you bought for this army?
A couple of the boys and nobs are throwbacks from my original army, heck one of my buggies is from the gorkamorka box. They’ve been converted and paint stripped but they’re still the same models.

Which model has been languishing on your table the longest?
It’s gotta be the skaterboys, I started these as warbike outriders , which no longer have rules, they’ve been knocking around since 2005 I would guess. Fore shame!!

Which unit or model are you most proud of and why? (please include a photo)
Just one? Uh lets go with the most recent Grimzag model. I’m really pleased with how the paint scheme came out on him and as I failed with my last two attempts at making a warboss model I’m glad he worked out, even though I didn’t really plan the model out In total he’s made of parts from eleven different models.

Is this army complete or an ongoing project?
It would be complete but they keep multiplying in my bitz boxes.

Did you plan out the army in advance or did it grow organically?
Both, anyone who’s seen my project log will know I’ve got a long list of units planned, the problem is that this list changes and expands almost completely dependent on ideas I have for new conversions. There would be no Dredds in my planned lootaboy segment if I hadn’t had a great idea about how to make a looted carnifex for example.

If you were starting this army again from scratch would you do anything differently?
Buy a lot more of the second edition boys that were still common and cheap when I first started, not that there is anything wrong with the current models but the oldies have so much character.

What was your proudest or most surprising moment on the tabletop for your army?
It’s gotta be Tuffdreg. One of my nobs has proven to be a beast in every game I’ve used him, killing special characters and vehicles alike without problems. He and his mob inflicted more than 2000 points of damage in the first apocalypse game they played in, on their own. No special rules, he just rolls higher than average.

What was your most disappointing moment on the tabletop for your army?
And that’s Badklaw. Badklaw has the exact same wargear as Tuffdreg but flees at the first sign of trouble every time. In the latest apocalypse game I played in, he and his squad disembarked their truck, charged a dreddnought, lost the combat with a two casualties, failed their break test, failed their reroll, failed their rally roll next turn and the reroll and then fled the board. His twelve boy squad was taking leadership checks on nine thanks to mob rule and still he ran...pathetic.

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