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Originally Posted by Malus Darkblade View Post
Hmm the Black Legion have never really interested me (Abaddon too except his cameo in the first ADB NL book) because they've been depicted as your generic bad guy legion. A Chaos version of the Ultramarines.
ADB does actually address that in the comments.

Originally Posted by ADB
It’s hard to reply without saying too much, but where the Ultramarines are “generic” Space Marines (as much as I love them, that’s not an insult – they are 95% of the template for the concept itself, which in turn is one of the things I love most about their implementation), the Black Legion aren’t the generic template for the Chaos Marines. They’re not the “default” Chaos Marines in the same way. Instead, they’re everything about Chaos. The best and worst of it; the best and worst of every single Legion. You can point to an Ultramarine and say “That’s a Space Marine”. You can’t do that with a Black Legionnaire, and say “That’s a Chaos Marine”. Uh, is he a former Son of Horus? A Word Bearer exploring his faith in a new way? A Renegade newly sworn to the Black? A Thousand Son sorcerer? A guy who forgot his original Legion completely? A Khorne Berzerker? There’s no “generic” Black Legionnaire. Former Sons of Horus are as defined and unique as any other Marine in the Legion.

The Black Legion: united in hate.
I share the sentiments here. More CSM is always a great thing, by ADB it's an even greater thing. But a CSM series by ADB that has the potential to become a long-running series, ala Gaunt's Ghosts?? Now that is the best news i've heard since The Creative Assembly's Warhammer RTS game.


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