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Markov led her team up a wide, arterial corridor, the lumen beams attached to their weapons scanning every nook and cranny as they progressed. Metal buttress supports lined both walls at three metre intervals, and the way they curved up from the floor to join with the ceiling beams gave her the distinct impression of being inside the rib cage of some giant mechanical snake. This was not a pleasant thought, but Markov was ex-Imperial Guard and made of stern stuff, so she immediately shook off the feeling of discomfort.

“Markov. Progress report,” Captain Dimitar’s voice crackled over the vox.

“We’re advancing down one of the primary passageways that, according to the schematics provided by the ship’s computer, should lead to the enginorium sector. ETA six minutes,” she switched the vox link off before adding to herself, “Barring any surprises.”

“Not acceptable. Increase your pace, Markov. I want you there in two minutes. Churian’s team better be there doing their job. If not, you need to get that drive shut down. Confirm.” Dimitar’s response was harsh, but Markov had served under him for many years and was used to his blunt and demanding nature.

Nevertheless, she gave a long exhale before responding.

“Aye captain.”

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