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Originally Posted by imm0rtal reaper View Post
Excellent stuff. I know you've said it's only a bit of fun, but I think you should consider going the whole hog and fiberglass/resin-ing it up. What are you going to use for the robes?
Unfortunately, i dont really know how to! Will have to do some research and buy some materials Thankyou very much for the suggestion, unfortunately i have already given it a coating of wood-adhesive white glue which has set it hard like plastic. Both helmet and mace. But i will definitely investigate using resin!
As for the robes, im intending to dive into Lincoln to buy some material, though, i have spied an official LoTR robe on ebay for £18 which is probably my best bet. Any ideas? Have till Thursday!!

Originally Posted by Magpie_Oz View Post
Looking good mate, that Morning Star is a work of art !
Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
that looks pretty great mate keep up the good work
Thankyou very much guys, ill get soe pictures up soon of how its looking, bought some spray paint today but one of the tins has no gas -_-
Ill post up my old Boba Fett and Storm trooper armour soon if i can find the photos!
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