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Default 1000pts Competitive BA for a Tournament. C&C needed!

It's a good vs. evil tournament run at the local store. I'm gunna be up against Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, Dark Eldar, Orks, and Tyranids. I have experience against CSM, that's about it. This is what I'm thinking thus far:

Reclusiarch w/Melta Bombs - 135

Assault Squad - 10x marines w/2x Meltas, sergeant w/Power Axe and Melta Bombs
in a drop pod - 230

Death Company - 5x marines, 2x Power Swords. Bolt Pistols/CCW otherwise. - 130

Scouts - 5x w/Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks and a Missile Launcher - 100

2x Tactical Squads - Bolters, both in Razorbacks w/Heavy Bolters - 145 each

Baal Predator - Assault Cannon, no sponsons - 115

The idea is to drop in the pod next to the worst piece of armour and deal with it first turn. Sometimes it doesn't work out, most of the time it does. The two Razorbacks flank the Baal to protect its side armour as they speed across the board to reinforce the Assault squad. Guns blazing with that 12" fast movement. Death Company foot slogs out of sight behind the tanks, hopefully I don't constantly get 1's with my run rolls. Scouts are likely on my other flank holding an objective/being that jerk squad that's hard to kill in cover. Potentially, if the opponent doesn't field armour I will be deploying the drop pod empty to mess with LOS. In that case the assault squad will be less mobile and the Meltas will be a waste, but likely used supporting the scouts as a counter assault unit. There really isn't any anti-air, but I'm hoping that I'm in fast enough that any fliers coming in will have to go over and past me or deploy in hover mode. Vector Strikes are a bitch, but what can I really do to avoid them aside from mount my squads in tanks to try and minimize initial casualties?

Thanks in advance for any help! This will be my first tournament, and I'm in a craze to get the last little bit of this painted in the next two weeks. I have a ton of stuff that I can swap in/out, but no jump pack models will be used as I don't have them done in any way really. Time constraints and all.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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