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This is from faeit212

Please remember that these are rumors until we get something more concrete, and we still are not sure of what the squad sizes will be.

via MajorWesJanson on Warseer
Firewarriors are still 4 to a frame, so they will still probably remain 6-12. Kroot could maybe get a little larger, say 12-24. Pathfinders 4-8 don't work anymore, so we will likely see them go from 4-8 to either 5-10 or 6-12, so you don't have spares in a box. Stealthsuit boxes are 3 per, so if they do increase the size, I'd expect 3-9. Crisis suits are also now 3 per box, but I don't expect their unit size to increase, unless maybe Farsight bumps their max size up.

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