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Hi Cuinlan,

That's a tough one, but I think it can be done. If your chapter did hand over the Jetbike STC to the Mechanicus and they recognized it, then it will likely spread to other chapters, and so everyone would have Jetbikes. But there is good news: your chapter doesn't necessarily have to hand it over to the Mechanicus. The Blood Angels have withheld the Baal Predator template from the Admech, but that has resulted in tension between the two groups, and so withholding Jetbikes from the Admech would result in the same if not more tension. This could cause an internal divide between your chapter and its Techmarines...that could be interesting, and it ultimately depends on whether you want to make intra-Chapter tensions and tensions with the Admech or even the wider Imperium a plot point.

Hope that helps!

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