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More rumours from Faeit212. Once again the article titles are the links.

Tau: Riptides Activation of the Nova Engine......

The Riptide is known to have something called a Nova Engine. Apparently it is dangerous to activate, as it overcharges the weapon or other types of results..... like taking a wound. Here is the latest on the Riptides Noava Engine.

Please remember that this is a rumor, salt is always required.

via The Dude over on Warseer
Just heard the following:

Activating the Riptide's Nova Engine is risky. It only works on a 3+. If it fails to activate (roll of 1-2) the Riptide suffers a wound.

The weapon buff result for the Nova Engine supposedly buffs the large blast of the Ion Accelerator to S9 AP1, so there's your anti tank gun

Also, apparently Broadsides with missiles get 4 shots each at S7 AP4.

Of course I'm not sure the mechanics of the Nova Engine, but it appears to me to be a simple random table with1-2 being take a wound and 3-4 being one of the four rumoured buffs. If this is the case, you wouldn't be able to rely on it happening.

Also, if the charged profile does have a drawback like Gets Hot, you are twice risking self harm to get that one mega shot off.
Tau: Kroot and Vespid - Looks Like They Will Be In

Yesterday morning we had a rumor from Ravengardt that was telling us that the new Tau codex was to be without its alien companions, the Kroot and Vespid. Well, the same source sent this to me late in the day yesterday, saying that his source might of been a little over enthusiastic. Here is what was sent in.

This was sent in simply to help us try and find the best information, and sometimes people get it wrong. I even had phone calls regarding this rumor bit, but Ravengardt was nice enough to dig a little deeper, and then let us know what he found out.

I still believe that Kroot and Vespid will get their token unit in the Tay codex, and will then will be expanded upon if an Allies Supplement is released.

via Ravengardt from the Faeit 212 inbox
Me again, had a bit of time to talk to someone else over at $%## @ %^%^##&. The info they've got is sparse too. Looks like real release briefings were stopped to prevent leaks. They get their hard facts a day before or at preorder start. So it looks like my earlier source might have been a little overly enthusiastic. So please add a lot of salt.
Sorry if I caused trouble. I wanted to clarify how dependable me info is.
via Neko over at Warseer

There are pictures of Kroot and Vespid miniatures in the new codex, so I expect their rules will be there too
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