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In the navigation cell, Vlados meditated. His eyes were closed but twitching spasmodically from side to side under the thin, almost translucent skin of his eyelids. Blue, throbbing veins were visible at his temples and his face glistened with perspiration.

Vlados was dreaming the dreams of the Gifted, although he had long considered them more of a curse than blessing. Visions flashed across his mind’s eye; dreadful revelations of the most portentous kind that clawed with icy fingers at his brain, sending shards of pain through his cerebrum and tingling down the nerve clusters of his bent and twisted spine. His breathing was heavy and his body had now begun to shudder; imperceptibly at first but rapidly increasing to a violent seizure. Froth bubbled at the edges of his mouth as he thrashed about inside the sarcophagus, threatening to break his fragile bones against the sides.

Then he was still. A solitary, bloody tear emerged from the corner of his left eye to trickle down his cheek.

Vlados slowly opened his rheumy eyes; eyes that were now shot with blood. He put his hand to his cheek and pulled it away, gazing contemplatively at the crimson smear on his finger tips.

“And so it begins”.

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