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Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar View Post
So, out of sheer curiosity, how bad was this update to Tau needed and how long has it been needed?
I'd say it's been due at least since 5th came out. They have never really been good from my experience.

If we talk update order I'd list it from most needed as: SoB, Tau, Eldar, Orks, BT, Tyranids. Once these are done I think they most armies should be pretty balanced, there are just a few units in each codex that would need a tweek. Mandrakes in DE, Archons court. Hmm, can't really think of anything else. Blood Crushers need a fix, their fluff is SOOOO HORRIBLE!!! when you compare it to their stats...

Chaos Daemons codex: Bloodcrushers of Khorne, pg. 30, last line of second section:
"Only the heaviest weapons have a chance of piercing its armoured skin, and by the time such weapons are brought to bear, it is usually too late."

Yeah.... that 6+ armour save is real scaaaaary... Almost every weapon in the game can pierce the armour, the 5+ inv save might give some protection but the armour is useless.

They should roll all SM dexes into a single codex as well, this could be easily done and not take up more pages than the current book. Just have wargear pages for each chapter, heck they could add wargear pages for all chapters. Every chapter only needs 2 pages, 1 for wargear and 1 for army special rules. The rest is pretty much exactly the same for all SM dexes.

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