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Despite the great antiquity of the control panel, Borski made fairly short work of re-wiring and thusly re-routing power to the overrides to unlock the door. A long groan came from within the wall and Borski winced, instinctively getting up to aim his big bolter at the blast door, taking a few steps back as he did so. The other crew members followed suit, and only Churian stood his ground, although he tightened his grip on his plasma pistol. There was a whirring sound that signified interior energy cells powering up, and steam began venting from grills set into the floor either side of the entrance. As the steam began to abate, huge internal bolts slid back in their housings and numerous cogs set into the metal began to turn.

With an almighty groan, the blast door began a slow descent into the floor. Wind howled through the gap and whistled past the men, as the atmosphere behind the portal expanded into the vacuum inside the corridor. Then, when it was only half way down there was an almighty screech of grinding metal and the door shuddered to a halt, still two metres above the deck plating.

Churian turned to Borski, but he didn’t need to say anything. The tech slung his weapon across his back and went back to the open control panel to see what could be done. Behind him Churian spoke into his vox link.

“Captain Dimitar, this is Churian. Do you read? Captain Dimitar, do you read me? Captain?” but all he got was an earful of static.

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