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“Pict-feed from the second team coming up now, sir,” Varga announced.

The static on the main screen blinked several times before it switched to the flickering view to be had from a hull-mounted picter inside the dimly-lit umbilical connecting the two vessels. Four figures wearing heavy mining enviro-suits were stood in the narrow passage; two men could be seen checking the signal booster units that would follow them into the hulk, whilst another was making his bolter ready. The leader, helmet visor down, walked over to look up into the picter screen.

A female voice spoke over the vox-link. “Captain, this is Markov. Signal boosters are prepped and we’re ready for your orders.”

“Proceed, Markov. I want a full exploratory sweep of this sector. Keep the reports regular.”

“Aye, captain,” replied Markov, and she turned to usher the second team towards the outer airlock door that was the only barrier between them and the unknown innards of the hulk. As they approached, the door slowly spiralled open in the fashion of a pict lens aperture, with ten curved, teeth-like sections receding with the squeal of metal grinding on metal into the circular rim of the portal. Once they stepped across the threshold, the teeth slid back into place, giving the distinct impression of the hulk swallowing four more crew members.

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