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Dimitar was not happy. He had been unable to get any information from his navigator other than babbling omens. As he sank back down into the cold synthide embrace of his command throne, he mentally resolved to procure a replacement for him the next time they were in Imperial space. Right now, though, he had more pressing matters to attend to; namely getting the warp drives on that hulk deactivated before it made an arbitrary jump back into the empyrean, as these things were wont to do.

“Captain, we’re getting the pict-feed through from Lieutenant Churian’s team,” stated one of the officers on the small bridge.

“Put it up on the monitor,” Dimitar grumbled. The screen above their heads flickered into life with a static snowfield of binary. Finally it cleared, although not entirely, to reveal the view from Churian’s helmet-mounted picter. The image was distorted, and kept twisting in and out of focus, although you could make out the shapes of two armoured men advancing cautiously down a long corridor.

“Sort out the image, Varga! I can’t see gak,” he demanded of the comms officer.

Varga fiddled with the controls at her station, but this had little effect on the quality of the picture. She turned to face her captain.

“We’re getting a lot of interference from the hulk, sir. I am unable to filter out all of the electrostatic noise,” she said.

Dimitar’s lips curled in a silent snarl and he stood up from his chair, just as the image on the screen distorted horribly before vanishing into a mess of broken code.

“First mate,” he growled. “Get another team down there with a cable link. I want to see and hear exactly what’s going on inside that hulk.”

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