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Duskan's advice is mostly solid. A few minor quibbles on my part:
Originally Posted by Duskan View Post
Slaanesh psychic powers I think are lacking so save your points for elsewhere.
Sure, Acquiescense is the only useful one to a SlaHerald (useful for negating the Eldar I advantage or giving Bloodletters the ability to strike first)… but I daresay that Telepathy has 3 awesome powers.

Also, at 2000 points I'd like to have a 5th Troops choice, myself—preferably Daemonettes or Bloodletters, since 2 fragile assault units alone are going to get splattered by enemy shooting. I'll also echo Duskan again about the need for a higher body count in the 2 squads as they currently are. You need to invest in enough fragile models that some get to combat and wreck house. Those scoring units are just so useful.

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