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nice boy, daft though !
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Originally Posted by dh1992 View Post
The model is a concept model. The fine detail and the humanisation of the parts is what we're doing before release. We're going to be plastic injecting the model from the same file. We're using the 3D printer to produce the design of the product and make sure it works before we have it injection molded!

The original plan is to design the initial product at 28mm scale. However, we can scale it down quite easily using software and 3D print it at a variety of different scales although this would make it a tad more expensive!
Well i would suggest picking up the gw chapel for inspiration
And looking at whats already on the market before you commit cash to tooling this up, you may also want to consider getting a traditional sculptor to make some alterations to a resin blank and scan that as a file, CAD stuff is good and all but can be a bit too clinical and polished looking for this type of fantasy period style. GW tend to over exagerate the make do and mend mentality and also slap skulls everywhere as is there style.

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