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Winds whistled through the jagged peaks of the Kogani Range, white capped daggers piercing the very heavens. "Are we there yet? I think my feet have frozen solid Tsering!"

"According to the map, we are very close. This mission is of the utmost import, so quit your whining or I'll put it in my after action report!" The two men crested a ridgeline, which abutted a massive tidal plain. "Haha, yes, we have made it! Now we must link up with the dwarf recon unit out here. They are likely camped below the snow line. Make haste!" The two Kogani long range scouts broke into a trot, their makeshift snowshoes tossing up a flurry of freshly fallen snow. As they neared the snow line, the faint smell of a cooking fire wafted by one of the men. "No smoke, but I smell a cooking fire. The dwarves are close."

The men had not barely stowed their snowshoes and began their hunt through the alpine forest when a voice issued a challenge. "When the sun has set, and the hammers ring!"

The leader of the scouts drew his bow quickly, singing the reply "The horde swells and Kogani sings!"

"Aye laddy, a little off key but t'will suffice!" A contingent of Fiendfoe dwarves emerged from the brush, daubed in mud, crossbows drawn and axes beared.

"Hail, Master Dwarf! The name's Tsering, and my buddy is Tenz. We are here to reinforce your position and provide surveillance for the commanders back in Kogan-sul."

"Well met, name's Rock. Me and the lads been up here fer a fortnight."

"Mission?" replied Tsering.

Rock chuckled, "snooping, a little rabble rousing, ye know that asymmetrical stuff they teach ye at the Academy."


"How go the preparations, Mafis?"

"Everything is in order, my Khan. We have sent our emissaries to the Republic and Kerin-Curan...

"What of the scouts?" the Khan interjected, spilling wine from his jeweled goblet.

"No word yet from either our men or Snori's. But I would not worry Khan, they are adept at what they do."

"Do not seek to console me. Consolation can wait for after we have destroyed the Shadow. Mafis, we are at war, and though we shall likely not bear its brunt for some time, I endeavor to win this battle and bring great honor to our land."

Mafis stood silently, jotting a note in his ledger and doing a quick calculation on his abacus. "Milord, the troop movements should be nearing completion, according to my calculations."


Emissaries sent to Republic, Kerin-Curan, Puplori
Forward scouts sent to border with Puplori
Territories 27, 28 requisition 2000 conscripts
Territory 28 requisitions 1000 Dwarven heavy infantry

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