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Default 150 point Evacuation game !

My local GW shop is running an event this weekend that is a 150 point evacuation game.

I'm not exactly sure what it entails but the theme is you are a small unit evacuating refugees from a Tyranid infestation.

I'm having trouble deciding what to take.
No vehicles allowed.

I can go with

Sterguard: 5 guys with combi-weapons
Purifiers : 5 Guys with Halberds and 2 Psycannon
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch: about 8 of them
Orks: 18 boyz with a Nob
Henchmen: 11 Acolytes in Carapace with 3 Plasma Guns and Storm Bolters.

Any ideas of which would go best?

Any other thoughts on a better unit all together ?
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