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nice boy, daft though !
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its a bit meh if im honest, as timber framed buildings go you have phoned this one in, if you really want to be taken seriously with this type of thing your really gonna have to push the boat out and do some serious research and come up with something that really sets you guys apart, a period timber framed building for warhammer has been done to death by loads of companies not to mention GW have a pretty amazing plastic kit already, its also one of the easiest entry level scratch build models wargamers can build, anyone with some card,glue and lolly sticks could knock up something like that in an afternoon.

The model is too neat, it looks like its been designed in a computer, rather than built by peasants with draw knives and axes cutting oak beams and in filled with lime plaster, the roof should over hang at the ends and at the walls, where is the smoke stack? the beams look too narrow and too even, but that could just be the photo, also you really need to show a painted version to show people what it looks like on the board.

i do like the idea that it slots together, however im not sure how practical that would be after a paint job.

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