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Wow, thank you again. It's good to know what my army's focus is (moving in, as opposed to hanging back) now I have a better starting point. Why not add another Wraithguard to their unit for 35 points, to get you closer to 2000? The serpent can hold up to five along with the two characters and 58 points just seem like a lot to go to waist... Also, did you look at the models I have in my collection, beside the ones in my current list? There may (probably not, but may) have been some useful things there. I definitely like the look of this list, now I just have to figure out how to proxy the warlock bikes and the third platform... I will try something like this out my next game, for sure, though. The biggest problem I have been having against my friend's SM army has been his high armor saves. That has been my main reason for going D-Cannons instead of a cheaper option. Will the Weavers actually bring the pain against SM? Same question for the shuriken weapons, as they have not done me much good in the past.
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