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If you mean altering my list, using only what models I have, to fight your's, I would probably pack it full of long-rang artillery, get behind some cover (out of rang of your units that do not need LOS) and sit there, forcing you to come to me, at which point, I would try to take out as many of your hard-hitting units as possible. That is probably a pretty shitty strategy, but it's what I can think of. As far as improving my list in general, using what I have learned from your's, I can see a few things. Psykers make units much more effective than they should be, I need to brush up on the powers found in the main book and use my psykers more effectively. Allies are great for us and I may look into getting 1000 or so points or Dark Eldar or Tau, partly so I can have a small army of that force, but also to fill in some holes (flyers with the DE and small, but effective shooter with the Tau). I think, using the models I have (plus another unit of jetbikes that are in the mail), I need to place my models much more effectively, protect my artillery units better and use a distraction force to keep my opponent off of their back. I am also considering getting another five Wraitguard in order to make a Wraithguard troop unit to draw attention and hold the line, but that is neither here nor there.

Edit: Thinking about it more, I need more backup plans. If I lose one important unit (for instance, in my game last night my opponent got rid of my Wraithguard using CC before I could kill much more than a Land Raider and he immobilized Eldrad's transport before he could get anywhere near combat), my entire ghost of a strategy falls apart. Another thing that I learned from going over your list is that I need survivability, whether that's speed, cover or a Fortress, because we do not have it in our bodies.

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