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Default H a r b i n g e r : C o n t a c t

This is an ongoing series of short event 'snippets' based upon the discovery and exploration of the dread hulk Harbinger: an ancient craft that harks back to the Age of Heresy.

It follows the story of a rogue trader vessel, her crew and ambitious, greed-driven captain, and their subsequent disappearance...

Be sure to check back for updates!

ADDENDUM: If you're interested in following the progress of a ridiculous space hulk project build that threatens to consume the designer (quite literally, with big sharp pointy teeth) then check out the D R E A D H U L K blog...

The silent leviathan drifted inexorably through the cold harshness of the void; its massive, scabrous hull pitted and scarred from millennia of meteoritic bombardment. The aeons spent lost in this sea of darkness had been cruel. At one time it had been a proud interstellar battleship, perhaps even the flagship of some long-forgotten admiral. But its original form was for the most part obscured beneath layer upon layer of galactic detritus. Now it was nothing but an eroded, lifeless carcass; its husk a tomb for a hundred thousand piteous souls.


Captain Dimitar leant forward to gaze upon the incredible sight before him, and he felt himself rising up from his chair to walk the few metres to the main view port. He heard gasps of awe from his officers as he pressed his hands to the glass and moved his head slowly from left to right in an effort to take in the impossible vastness of the hulk. It was enormous.

They were quiet for a few moments as they attempted to comprehend the enormity of their discovery. It was Lieutenant Churian who broke the awestruck silence.

“It’s… it’s huge,” was all he could manage. Ivanko Churian was not known for his acuity.

Captain Dimitar turned and a smile slowly crept across his craggy face. “Indeed it is, lieutenant,” he said, his voice rough from decades of barked orders. He grinned at Churian, revealing a mouth full of metal teeth, and his eyes shone as he continued.

“And now it’s ours.”



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