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They were all gathered together, Lord Pietor Hibracht, human king of the Great Trade Republic, Lord Nirah Baggro, his Gnomish counterpart, Generals Radgerast and Kirolo, the six top merchants of the season and a score of emissaries and scribes. There were some old hands and a few new faces.

“So,” Began Lord Hibracht, “How goes the Evermarket?”

One emissary, a gnome with a long, braided beard, spoke up.

“All is well milord, an emissary has been sent to us from the Kerin-Curan, offering a treaty of alliance.”

The kings considered for a few moments, but there was no real debate.

“Of course!” Hibracht said, smiling widely. “Tell the Leader of the Kerin-Curan that we accept their offer!”

The emissary nodded and rushed from the room Another emissary stood, a human this time, he held a heavy parchment.

“Milord, we have made a list of countries, those who we believe it is of paramount importance that we remain on good terms with.”

The emissary handed over the list and the kings read it with expert eyes.

“The Empire, The Korgan-Sul and the Puplori.” Hibracht read out loud. Baggro nodded quietly.

“Very well, send emissaries at once, I wish for your return within a month!” Several emissaries nodded, bowed and left the room.

“Gentlemen,” Lord Hibracht said to the remaining people. “Ladies,” He quickly added to Loria Baskervil, a senior merchant. “We have much to rebuild and we must be ready to receive this new threat, this Darkness, thisGreat shadow. We must not let it cripple us. We must bolster our defences and make preparations, but do not it allow to stand in the way of trade, for that is our lifeblood.”
Emissary sent to:
The Empire
Emissary received from:
Kerin –Curan
all emissaries accepted
Military Moves:
Soldiers given rousing pep talks (doesn’t really do anything, just prepares them a bit, makes them feel better.)

(OOC) Will write another post tonight containing the replies that I have recieved and such.

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