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14th of Breaking Cold, 17th Era 63 (Common: 1243)

“Sir, we have reports from the East,” Reported Guardian Phaeric, Slaér’s secretary. “The Shadow is advancing again.”

“Damn,” Cursed Slaér, strolling back and forth in the Bellaric Centre of the Bastion, the home of the Guardians. “We have no military to speak of, and the nearby countries don’t seem too pleased with us. We’re too vulnerable a target.”

“That I would agree with, Sir.”

“That you do, Phaeric. I will have to discuss this with Irèsp and the others. Tell the Defendants to be here tomorrow daybreak. I will need to give them the verdict.”

“I shall do that, Sir. May your sword be ever sharp.”

“But your wits sharper.” Slaér responded, turning swiftly to Phaeric’s bow and walking out through the Bastion. It was made entirely of magically-strengthened white marble, with runes inscribed on the pillars. It was home to the 500 Guardians of Salthiusar, an organisation set up by Irèsp to safeguard the nation. And they were due to be tested. Upon reaching the portal room, he walked purposefully into the council portal, and was teleported there almost instantaneously.

The Council Building was majestic, crystalline and turquoise. Made of the same hardy crystal as all the rest of the city, breaching it would be no easy feat. After a short walk, Slaér reached his destination – the Council Room. And it was already in use. Striding in, he watched Dalàth, the Head Librarian, and Calleis, the Head Magus, arguing, as usual.

“I’m telling you, there is no way an army of that size could simply teleport over here, Dalàth. Even if it is as spiritual as it is rumoured, not even an Arch-Lich could hop it so far.”

“But here is your problem, Calleis – The Lich could easily phase them out of existence. If he were to move a great enough magical focus near here, he could summon it all at a moment’s notice.”

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything here,” Slaér interjected. “But we have fresh reports on the Shadow. Our current estimates give us less than a few years until they arrive, unless the border nations can hold.”

Irèsp stood up from his throne, next to the desolate throne that had lain empty since the Salth’s second era, and spoke. “In which case, Slaér, begin population assessment. We need to re-equip for war. Also, send out ambassadors to find how our neighbours feel about us and this situation. We may need to wipe some out.”

“It shall be done.” Slaér responded, bowing then striding out of the room. As he left, he heard Calleis and Dalàth arguing again. He could only laugh to himself about how much fun Irèsp must be having.


15th of Breaking Cold, 17th Era 63 (Common: 1243)
As the sun rose on Kolnur, the true beauty of Salthiusar rising from the night, the Defendants gathered in the Bellaric Centre. Slaér imparted to them their orders, the elite ten accepting their tasks with usual enthusiasm. Another long year was ahead of them, and little could be done to ease the hardship.
-The Guardians begin population assessment;
-Pairs of Guardians are sent to Indiga, Skibul and Darkorin in peace to find their stance on the Shadow, gauge hostility and see if they are willing to aid Salthiusar against the shadow. Truces requested.
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