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I apologize everyone, I'VE CAUGHT THE DREADED FLU!

Originally Posted by Blackwire View Post
The new frontline man looks... real menacing. Gives me the shivers if I look at him too long. I further get the impression that he is about to lay down some major kick ass. Kudos.
Thank you so much Blackwire!

Originally Posted by Ring Master "Honka" View Post
wha.... ah damn the ork boys just wet themselves in fear.

those are some schweeeeeet looking models
That's not all they did.....Haha. Thanks, I'm glad you like them.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
Those Cataphractii are top notch!
Thank you! How do you feel about the color? I'm thinking about taking the black on the legs out on some of the models. Just to add variety.

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