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This is what I am thinking for the Marines:

Farseer W/Spirit Stones, Doom, Fortune & Guide
Eldrad & 3 Warlocks 1W/Singing Spear & Enhance, 1W/Destructor & 1W/Embolden (I want to try out the different Warlock powers and see what I like) in a Wave Serpent W/Star Engines & Bright Lances

3 Guardian Jetbikes
6 Pathfinders
19 Guardians W/Missile Launcher

5 Wraithguard & 1 Warlock W/Singing Spear & Enhance in a Wave Serpent W/Star Engines & Scatter Lasers
7 Striking Scorpions W/Exarch W/Scorpion's Claw, Biting Blade, Stalker & Shadowstrike

Heavy Support-484
5 Dark Reapers W/Exarch W/Tempest Launcher & Crack Shot
5 Dark Reapers W/Exarch W/Tempest Launcher & Crack Shot
1 Support Weapon Platform W/D-Cannon

The plan is to rush my Wraithguard and Seer Council in there and blow up everything I can reach, while my D-Cannon, Farseer, Pathfinders and one unit of Reapers sit somewhere with relatively good cover and lay down fire to keep him off of as many objectives as I can. I hope to use the Scorpions as support for my two deathstars. (I mostly just really want to try them, they are one of my favorite aspects, in concept, but I have not been able to field them. ) I think I will have the other unit of Reapers in a position to provide cross-fire for my artillery squad. The bikes and Guardian blob are there to try and take objectives and tarpit, respectively. Does this sound like a decent strategy and how does my list look, even if my strategy is bollocks? Thank you so much for the help you have given me already and for looking at this list.
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