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Aramore had served as the capital of Anicea for as long as any cared to remember, it had gone from a small town that grew on the bounty of the sea to the beating heart of a mighty Empire over the course of centuries, and despite the nation’s fall from grace the power and achievments of the Anicean Empire still lived on in the ancient structures that dominated the city. The Anicean Science Academy, the Naval College and Academy of War, and the sprawling docks that at one time served as the meeting point of vessels from across Kolnur were monuments to the Empire. Looking up however, the centrepiece of the city by far was the Palace of the Anicean Kings which served as a beacon to any within the city’s walls. Originally Aramore had been a town confined to the walls and keep of the castle, but as the city grew, so did the palace, before it became the fortress from which Anicea was born. During the time of the Empire, Dwarven architects and Gnommish engineers were tasked with transforming the Keep into a blazing symbol of Anicean supremacy; the result was a structure stretching to the heavens, home to not only the Royal family but to the city’s garrison, their families, aristocrats, servants and guests alike. Indeed, it would be no exaggeration to see Aramore Hold as a vibrant town within the Capital itself. Even with the golden age of the Empire confined to the past, few could match the extravagance and beauty of the Capital of Anicea.

King Elfire Steelfarmer had sat on the throne of Anicea with a guiding hand for over 100 years, rising to the position upon the abdication of his father when many feared that Anicea would slide into the long dark, shattered by the might of the Alliance’s armies. With its people broken, its armies in shambles and its economy ailing, Anicea was on the verge of collapse; however, the rapid and drastic steps taken by Elfire upon his inaugauration are credited with not only halting the decline of the Anicea, but in some instances reversing the nation’s fortune. For too long, the Kingdom had been focused on its colonial and imperial interests, expanding ever outwards for decades: Anciea could not sustain itself without the sustenance of its Empire and her colonies. King Elfire sought to rectify this, in a number of bold moves he shut Anciea off from Kolnur, and mobilised what remained of the army not for war, but construction. Within the first three decades of his rule, Anicea was crisscrossed by the mighty railroads and the Iron Engines which pulled forward the sudden economic development. For so long, the country had stagnated, lavishing in the success of its past, the inward development spurred the entire population into action, the Academies once again became centres of learning and knowledge and although it was still a shadow of the Empire, Anicea rose from the ashes standing tall, with King Elfire Steelfarmer at its helm.

The King sat in his throne, deep in thought, listening intently to his old friend. “Your highness, we cannot afford to remain detached as we once did; Kolnur lies in ruin and the entire world has shifted. The collapse of the Alliance may be heralded by some,” Hokum Stormmail, the son of Lord Stormmail of Clan Skrioudalr who had fought alongside the King since the two were but children, glared pointedly at the Minister, his bearded face contorted in annoyance, “but rest assured chaos and anarchy can only ensue. We must strengthen our borders and establish ourselves on this new stage before we find ourselves assailed by bandits and brigands at our door!” Elfire knew that this debate had been raging for days within the parliament and that an extended stalemate between the parties was the only reason that the dwarf had deemed it prudent to step his foot into the stinking brew of politics. The minister looked at the dwarf undaunted by the outburst, “My lord, the Alliance was our greatest foe and the hated enemy of Anicea, it was only expected that they’re expansionist policies bring them ruin but we must not let this opportunity pass us by.” One of the king’s eyebrow’s rose slightly, of all the things that the recent catastrophe that had befallen the continent could be called, ‘opportunity’ was not the first one that sprung into his mind. “Already we are suffering overcrowding from refugees, and as much as I pity these innocents, we cannot hope to accommodate them all unless we take advantage of the circumstances. The correct course of action wo-“ raising his hand, Elfire silenced the gnome, deciding he had let the argument run its course long enough, “Although I appreciate your concerns minister, we have a responsibility to the people of Anicea to defend them from any threats first, then consider any other moves second.” The king turned to his aides, “Send word to the parliament, we must secure our borders as an absolute priority before attempting anything rash. My second decree, we need information from the mainland, try to raise old contacts, send diplomats if need be, just ensure that they are adequately protected.” The king rose from his throne, dismissing those in the hall, “The time for Anicea to be isolated is over, I must know who remains: be they friends or foes? Make preparations for the Admiral’s return from the central sea, but until then I want the Iron Navy staying near the coast.” Those present saluted the king as he exited the throne room, but hidden from view there was a frown of worry on his gnomish face, By the gods see us through.

Military unit positions:
Province 66: 500 Ironclads
Province 68: 250 Ironclads
Sea Province 6: 250 Ironclads

Provincial actions:
Province 67: +100 Ironclads (Turn 1)
Province 68: +100 Ironclads (Turn 1)
Province 66: Researching Mithril Armour (Turn 1)

OOC: Garrgh! Not my best work, but I'm tired today...

EDIT: Woops forgot to mention where I'm sending the diplomats :3
Diplomats dispatched to:
with offers of dialogue and possible trade agreements as well as the offer of the Iron Navy patrolling certain waters against pirates and brigands.

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