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Default New Player Needs Help With Eldar Army

Hello, I am new to 40k, but I have a pretty decent understanding of 6e rules and have played a few games. However, I have almost no idea where to start when it comes to creating a strategically sound army (because of my experience with other games I can make some guesses, but that's not always enough). Anyway, a friend of mine heard that I was starting and offered to sell me his 2,000 point eldar army from 4e fro $40. I jumped on this opportunity, picked up the most recent codex, identified all of the models in my new collection and this is what I got:
(Note: I have not added any equipment to this list, I have just recorded what it looks like the models have, except for in the case of the Dark Reaper exarch, I replaced what looked like a shuriken cannon with his tempest launcher, because I used him in a game with the cannon and it blew)

HQ: 1 Farseer
1 Warlock w/singing spear

Elites: 7 Striking Scorpions w/1 exarch w/a claw and what appears to be a shuriken pistol, but that is not allowed, so...

Dedicated Transport: 1 of what appears to be a home-brewed Wave Serpent w/twin-linked bright lances

Troops: 19 Guardians w/ missile platform
6 Rangers
3 Guardian Jetbikes (Troops or not anymore?)

Fast Attack: 1 Vyper w/shuriken cannon & twin-linked catapults
7 Swooping Hawks w/1 exarch w/either of the special weapons

Heavy Support: 1 Support Weapon Battery w/D-Cannon
5 Dark Reapers w/1 exarch w/Tempest Launcher
1 Wraithlord w/Starcannon
1 Falcon w/what appears to be twin-linked scatter lasers, but that is wonky, so...

Anyway, as far as any of the weird things on the list, I have already talked to my friend and he doesn't remember much about this army at all, I do not think that he liked 40k very much. I played a 1,000 point game against Space Marines using part of this army and lost handily but had a blast, none the less. That got me in the mood to drop some money on making this a coherent army. I loved the Dark Reapers and I have heard that Wraithguard are fun, but beyond that I am really open to suggestions. I am looking for a fairly versatile collection, where I can swap out units based on what I am playing against. I am sorry about the wall of text, but thank you so much for any advice you have.
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