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MCC I see a very simialr thing in my basement .... I have 4 Land Raiders, 3 LR Crusaders, 60 Assault marines, 40 Tacticals, 30 Devastators, a Thunder Guppy, 3 Thunder Pidgeons, Predators, vindicators and more to unwrap than that.... aww fuck ... I got a shitload of stuff to get done and GW changed the paints on me.

Good thing I horde shit as I actually have enough paint waiting to finish everything that I currently have .... and the paint that I have stored up is the hard hexagonal black capped paint.
The lowest number of any paint that I have is 2(not much use for the yellows) and the most paint that I have is 8 tins (Blood Red and Red Gore) I recently used a tin of Red Gore so I no longer have 9 of those in reserve ..... HORDE MUCH?
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