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I'm more impressed that you can afford so much in models/bits and still eat and pay rent.

I started before 2nd ed and while I have a lot of chaos stuff its almost all painted (all but a rhino and a squad of possessed still on the sprue.) I resigned myself to only buy what I'd be able to get to soon or next. And I've only really stocked up going through bins of bits at a convention, when I couldn't really come back in the future.

I think you need to ask yourself some rough questions about what you will use and what you won't. And by use I mean "enjoy", whether that's assembling, converting, painting, or playing - but I'm guessing "untouched in the box" doesn't feel very rewarding. And if keeping it won't actually make you happier then its time to figure our what well.

Best of luck!

Chaos Army Showcase with photos (Updated 2013/12/02)
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