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Originally Posted by felsworn View Post
Hey guys, new here but I am hoping that I will get some insight that will help me decide which SM army to build.
The biggest issue I have is that the "modern" space marines regardless of which flavor you choose, seem to be under-powered when compared to any of the Heresy armies (but of particular interest are the World Eaters).
I have some friends that are building heresy armies and I see no reason to spend the money to build, say a Minotaur army, just to have it face-rolled on a regular basis by the likes of Angron and his ilk or perhaps have some fun going toe-to-toe with the Jusaerin from the Sons of Horus.

Any thoughts? The decision here seems fairly obvious to me but I'm fairly new to 40K so that's why I came here.

Also I ran a search before posting to see if there was already a Heresy vs. SM thread but didn't find anything so if this has already been covered please point me in the right direction.
The Heresy aka 30k RULES are not really intended to be used against 40k armies. They can be used, but 30k armies are designed to fight other 30k armies. In short, if they want to have their heresy armies that's fine, but when it comes down to the table top, tell them to use a 40k book.

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