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Default Monthly Painting Deathmatch Calendar

Hello everyone! Welcome to the annual calendar for the
Below you'll find the annual calendar of Painting Deathmatch categories, this way you'll be able to plan out what you paint or what you have on hand to allow you to more easily participate.

First off, the available categories are:
  • Free for All - Any model or any sized unit from any company.
  • Single Miniature - Any single miniature from any company on a base with a greatest dimension up to 40mm, or up to a 25mm narrow bike/cavalry base. If the miniature is not mounted on a base, then entrants must seek confirmation before entering.
  • Vehicle/Monster - Any vehicle or monster from any company, or any miniature on a base with a greatest dimension 40mm or more, or any miniature on a bike/cavalry base greater than 25mm narrow.
  • Squad/Regiment - Any squad, regiment, or other defined group of models from any company.

As you'll be able to see, the category rotates each month between one of these four options, so it's pretty easy to guess what will be next.

  • January - Free for All
  • February - Single Miniature
  • March - Vehicle/Monster
  • April - Squad/Regiment
  • May - Free for All
  • June - Single Miniature
  • July - Vehicle/Monster
  • August - Squad/Regiment
  • September - Free for All
  • October - Single Miniature
  • November - Vehicle/Monster
  • December - Squad/Regiment

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