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Thats how you scream. The words can be understood and its not a bunch of noise coming from guys trying too hard to sound hardcore. This shit will boil your soul with the raw passion put into the music. It doesn't scream because it tries to be hardcore. It screams because it IS hardcore. You can literally feel the emotion in this music.

Not like the new garbage you hear today.

Originally Posted by ThatOtherGuy View Post
Crying that there is no good music left is like a thirty year old desperate single woman claiming that there are no good men left. They exist in good numbers it's just that where you looking sucks and it takes time and patience to weed through all the mediocre crap.
Also this. You have to look in the nooks and crannies. The mainstream stuff is trash. Do a little exploring, places like last.fm are your friend. Put in your favorite band and eventually you will hear something new and go "Whoa what is that?" and find a new band to investigate.

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