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Default March Painting Deathmatch Miniature Poll

The purpose of this poll is to determine which of the above categories will be the painting challenge restrictions for the month of March. The poll will run until 1445 AM on February 28th GMT -5. The thread for the February Painting Deathmatch will then be posted on March 1st.
  • Free for All - Any model or any sized unit from any company.*
  • Squad/Regiment - Any squad or regiment from any company.*
  • Vehicle/Monster - Any vehicle or monster from any company. Any miniatures on 60mm+ bases not classed as monsters are included in this category.
  • Duel - Any 2 miniatures from any company. These can simply be two separate miniatures painted and setup to face each other, or you can go all out with a fancy diorama base for your two selected models.
* For all entries that are unit based choices, the minimum that must be painted is the minimum amount of miniatures needed for a legitimate squad in-game. If you have questions on whether or not your non GW system's miniatures will be acceptable, please feel free to ask in thread or via a PM!

PS - If you have any feedback on the running or structure of the challenge itself throughout the course of the challenge, please let me know as we will take into account any feedback.

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