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Nation Name: The Pure
Chosen Colour for Nation: White
People of Importance: The Council of Twelve, The Immortal Lord
Population: 1.2 Million Elves and 7.2 Million Humans


National Traits:

Population Traits
-look at all the babies

Academic Traits
-Grand Cathedral
-Science Academy

Military Traits
-Mithril Armour
-Superior Forging
-Golden Horde

Military Units Traits
-Heavy Infantry

Naval Traits

Necromancy Traits

Divine Magic Traits
-Divine Charisma
-Divine Energy
-Holy Wrath

Elemental Magic Traits

Illusion Magic Traits

Technology Traits
-Steam engine
-Alchemial Alloy
-This... Is... My... BOOMSTICK
-Mechanical Walkers
-Mechanized Warriors

Racial Traits
- Elven High Mages
- Explorers by nature

It is said that The Pure came from another world, brought to this one by their ruler and god, The Immortal Lord, to bring the light of truth to this forsaken land. With there first arrival, the men of the land they first touched fell to there knees in awe and reverence at the sight of The Lord and his servants. Soon a great change came across this land. Under the guidance of the Council of Twelve and the priesthood, a new golden age was brought about, with technology bounding forward under the zeal of worship. But this shinning exterior only served to hide the bloody truths. Any questioning of the council or their lord ws swiftly dealt with, and the trespassers made a brutal example of.

Soon The Pure Land, as it had come to be known as, was a shinning bastion of faith and technology, ruled over by the church and The Immortal Lord. Soon The Pure turned its eye outward, looking towards expansion and the purification of the lands that were beyond it's borders. The prosecution of fanatical crusades of purification and expansion soon followed.

With the first appearance of the Great Shadow, The Immortal Lord stirred from his great white Citadel for the first time in over a half a millennium... The alliance was swiftly joined to end this "impure" stain on the world, and The Pure were instrumental to holding the Shadow back for long enough for the Alliance to muster it's armies.

After the defeat of the Shadow, The Pure retreated back to their lands to continue with plans known only to them. In the intervening centuries very little was heard from The Pure, with only minor Crusades as the only indication of life in their lands...

Now with the Shadow once more arising, The Pure are one of the few who stand ready to hold back the unending tide of undead, and may hold the key to the survival of all, deep within the White Citadel, with Their Immortal Lord and god...



100 000 Heavy Infantry
60 000 Arqubussers
60 000 War Priests
140 000 Mechanized Warriors
16 000 Cannon and Artillery Batteries
2 400 Mechanical Walkers (Counting as 10 men each)

400 000 Light Infantry(Conscripts)

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