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I'm working on a huge Codex Analysis at the moment (about halfway through), but here are my initial thoughts:

1. Sgt - Bolt Pistol/CCW or Bolter. Possibly combi-weapon if you're intending to stay ranged.

Vet Sgt:

- Power Weapon/Meltabombs
- Lightning Claw/Stormbolter or Combi
- Power Fist

Don't bother with dual melee weapons, and I'd only advise taking any of those in larger point games where you may actually need your Vet Sgts to accept challenges or put hurt on stronger units. Most of the time (90%) I'd say stay bare bones or combi-weapon.

2. Depends. Do you play Greenwing, Tri-wing, or what? In most cases they're going to be retinues for non-mounted and non-terminator armoured HQs. Don't bother using them as tank-hunters (Ravenwing's job), or CC beasts (Deathwing's job). Thus, it depends what HQ they're with as to what loadout they take. A Librarian with Divination for example, is best supported by a squad with lots of plasma or melta. By comparison a Company Master or Interrogator Chaplain is going to want a mix of Power Weapons, maybe a melta for good measure, and Storm Shields if you don't want to get a Power Field Generator.

Like I said, more detail when I finish this tactica.

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Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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